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The Nugget Mountain Bar


Hand Cut Fries


Regular Fry  $5

Garlic Fry  $5

Truffle Fry  $5

Chimichurri Fry  $5

Pesto Fry  $5



Tomato Basil Bisque $9

Topped with a deep-fried Pesto Grilled Cheese Crouton

Cup  $4

Bowl  $6



Apple-Jicama Slaw  $5

Side Salad  $5

Spring Greens/ Tomato/Cucumber/ Red Onion/ Blue Cheese Crumbles/

Lemon-Chive Vinaigrette

Chips and Guack $6


Gourmet Sliders

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Slider  $6

Grass-fed Beef / Cheddar Cheese/ Bacon/ Onion Ring/ Tangy BBQ Sauce/ Chipotle Ranch/ Lettuce/ Tomato

Filet Mignon Slider  $6

Blue Cheese Crumble/ Spinach/ Roasted Garlic Aioli/  

Caramelized Onion


Crab Cake Slider  $6

Panko Crusted/ Wild Caught Blue Crab/

Apple -Jicama Slaw/ Cajun Remoulade


Fried Green Tomato Slider $6

Panko Crusted Green Tomato/ Fresh Spinach / Apple-jicama Slaw/ Chimichurri/ Feta Cheese


Spicy Shrimp Taco $6

Avocado Guacamole/ Sauteed Spicy Shrimp/ Sriracha Aioli/ Chopped Cilantro


Backcountry Salad  $9

Spring Greens/ Roasted Beets/ Goat Cheese/ Tomato/ Cucumber/ Lemon-Chive Vinaigrette


Strawberry Spinach Salad  $9

Fresh Spinach/ Sliced Strawberries/ Shaved Red Onion/ Feta Cheese/ Poppyseed Dressing

Salad Additions  $4

Filet Mignon/ Pork Belly/ Crab Cake/Hamburger/ 

Fried Zucchini